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Awesome game! Reminds me of choplifter and chopper commando! Please keep developing, especially with ranks, promotions, added difficulty. Nice intro and title


Thanks John, will do! :)

How goes development on da choppa?


Hi John, I just havent had the time with other projects and life in general - I do plan on going back to it this year!

I look forward to it :) 

Great little lowrez game. Kinda reminded my of some of the old style games and for some unknown reason Cannon Fodder.


Thanks! Funny you mention Cannon Fodder as I did draw a couple of Cannon Fodder inspired sprites at one stage!

OMG, Please create a Cannon Fodder type game. I played it when it came out way back in erm 1992 (I think) and I even purchased the guide. CF2 wasn't as good though but good luck with GTDC.

BTW just checked the wiki and I was 1 year out lol, (

All the best


oh and when I get paid I will make a donation.

It's a fun one, I just wish the refueling was faster. :) 


Thanks for playing our game :) Just uploaded v1.01 which doubles the speed which refueling happens, it was never meant to be that slow!

Hey, sweet, now we can GET TO DA CHOPPA!!! faster. :) 

Great little retro-tastic game, with lots of cool features!

One thing is paypal didn't seem to work - I got a 'Failed to create PayPal transaction' when I clicke on 'pay with paypal'.

Paypal looks like it works with my own stuff so I don't thing it's me...

Glad you like it. I wanted to add some many more features! 

Re: PayPal - Ah I had an old email for my PayPal account, maybe that was the issue...