Cursor Keys (DPAD) - Move

Z (A button) - Weapon Attack

X (B button) - Push

Space (Select) - Change Weapon

Enter (Start) - Pause


Download 958 kB


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Thanks for the comments Jupiter. We ran out of time, we had so many ideas to add to the game:

* Inventory System (I wanted a window based on where you could equip armor, select weapons and use medkits etc)

* More collectible items

* More weapons (shotgun, crossbow, 2x4 etc)

* Larger/More levels

* Different type of Zeds

* Human enemies

* Start/Stop sections of levels, forcing you to Clear (;)) before you can move on

* NPCs

I would really like to see these extra elements, a great start

One day... one day :)

I found that the knockback when shooting the gun (or maybe slowdown) made the gun not worth it and it was just easier to run through each level. Other than that, it seems like a solid concept! I included it in my Monkey X NES Game Jam compilation video, if you would like to take a look :)